Miniature Painters

Expired on: Apr 2, 2024

Are you a maestro with a paintbrush? Do you possess a passion for bringing tiny worlds to life through color and creativity? If so, we want YOU to join our team of skilled miniature painters!

Why Paint with Us?

Unleash Your Creativity: Transform ordinary miniatures into extraordinary works of ay. Express your artistic flair and let your imagination run wild!                

Diverse Projects: From fantasy realms to historical figures, we offer a variety of projects

that cater to different themes and genres. Never have a dull moment with your paintbrush.

Professional Development: Sharpen your skills with ongoing projects. Stay on top of the latest techniques and trends in miniature painting.

Collaborative Environment: Join a community of like-minded artists who share your passion. Exchange tips, tricks, and inspiration with fellow workers who understand the craft.


Educational Background: GCE A/L, A Degree or a diploma in Fine Arts, Visual Arts, or a related field is preferred. However, candidates with a strong portfolio and relevant experience will also be considered.

Proficiency in Miniature Painting: Showcase your skills with a portfolio of your best work. Demonstrate your ability to handle intricate details and bring characters to life.

Passion for the Hobby: We’re looking for individuals who genuinely love the art of miniature painting. Your enthusiasm and dedication are what set you apart.

Send your resume and a link to your portfolio to [email protected]

Company: Prototeq Solutions
Company email: [email protected]
Job Location: Athurugiriya
Job Category: Miniature Painting Artist
Job Type: Full Time
Sorry! This job has expired.